Design Services

Our design journey together starts with an initial phone call where we discuss the initial project idea and what you’re after. This should give me enough scope to give you an approximate price range for the project which can be firmed up after our initial meeting should you wish to move ahead. The next step would be an onsite meeting.

Holistic Process

Kate Fulford Interior Design is dedicated to a holistic design process. Far from just choosing the right furniture and fixings, I work on a holistic level and include you and your input at every step of the way, ensuring a collaborative design process. This personal approach results in a room and design which truly reflects your wants and needs. I can provide visuals in the form of Autocad drawings, rendered floorplans, and Sketchup 3-D illustrations to ensure full visibility of the project.

Kate Fulford's Expertise

Concept development

To create a totally unique Interior I use a concept, based on the client’s individuality.  I aim to fully understand you and your vision and needs to produce an interior that is bespoke to them.

Space Planning

Creating an interior that is appropriate to your day to day living, movements and habits. Everyone is individual and that is why I like to get to know how you live so that I can deliver the perfect space.

Rendered Drawings
Illustrations showing colours and textures can provide an overall picture of how an interior will look when finished. This helps you to visualise the interior spaces.
Autocad Drawings
Plans, elevations and section drawings to industry standard can be provided for contractors to work from. These also illustrate the design in a two-dimensional format so that it’s easy to visualise proportion and scale.
Occasionally, some staging is required for a photoshoot for selling your home or perhaps even a magazine article. I can add an extra element to your home which will make the pictures of your home stand out.
Detailed Technical Drawings
These can be provided for contractors, such as carpenters or electricians who will need to understand how a specific item will be built or how the electrics need to be fitted.
Sample Boards
Presented alongside rendered drawings so that perfect colours and textures can be appreciated.
Lighting Design
I can provide a full lighting plan with illustrations to show how light will work within the space.
An itemised and illustrated estimate is provided using the Estimac software.
Cushion Packages
Occasionally a room just needs a revamp and refresh and the best way to do a makeover without breaking the bank is to change the cushions. With this in mind I provide a cushion package, which takes into consideration the size and proportions of your sofas, chairs or beds and I then provide different layout options for you to choose from. We then together look at the existing interior and artwork and I suggest fabric options which work best for you and the space.
Finishing Touches
I can provide a ‘finishing touches’ service, which will complete the interior with unique objects, furniture and art that will complement the style of your interior. I can help source everything from the perfect lamp and hall table to bespoke mirrors, design pieces and antiques.

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